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We were accepted into the Norwich Gaming Festival to showcase our game at the Indie Section.


We set up our stand with banners, business cards, stickers and the game. Many people turned up and played Hurry Hurry Heal Me.


There were loads of families visiting the event as it was a bank holiday Monday, which meant that the game was testing by a lot of kids aged around 8-12 with their parents.


There was a constant stream of traffic around our game from 10am – 4pm with a huge range of people picking up the switch controllers and giving it a go.



The game was positively received with people picking up the concept quite quickly after it had been explained to them and they had played through the first level. Games were better when there were 2 or more people who knew each other playing the game together. There was always a developer playing with or watching a group play as we provided the tutorial.

There were some young families there who played it with childeren aged under 5, they enjoyed moving around the character and shouting at their parents to heal them but the main mechanics were lost on them. Although anyone older than 5 seemed to pick it up pretty well.

The switch controllers caused a lot of interest in the game and I think we did a better job of repping the switch than we did of our game! As people came away from our game more encouraged to buy a Nintendo Switch! The controllers worked very well as they are less imposing than a gaming controller which made it more accessible for parents.

The difficultly of the level progression worked well. If a team failed they were likely to leave and play something else but after passing the first level (which was a little hit and miss, depending on how well the game was explained) the team normally continued on to play through to level 5, which was a longer more challenging level where team worked started to become more apparent.For a longer version of the game the levels could get increasingly more difficulty after level 5, with more variety over the layout of the level itself.

Overall it was a very positive experience, with no mechanical bugs(!) and a nice simple level progression which kept people playing. Leaving us with 7 hours of public game testing under our belt!


What next?

  • Selection of images to act as a tutorial for events when we are not there to talk through how to play the game.
  • A 2 or 3 player mode or set of levels designed to be played by less people.
  • Suggested a teleporter so that you could move around the level in different ways.
  • A narrative to the menu screens and characters.


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