Degree Show Meeting


Clearing the rotunda

  • Where to move the 60 chairs?
  • And need move the chairs back in (quick-ish)


Arcade Machines

  • Do not need to be varnished with flame retardant



  • Each student will have copies to give out


Set Up

  • When do we start changing the space?
  • When do we put together the arcade machines
  • You cannot daisy chain extension leads


Risk Assessment

  • Does Chris need anything?
  • Common Space Policy is going to be emailed to everyone



  • Need to organise a rota



  • To sell students work
  • Need to ask Adam? If we can put things in?


Supporting Text

  • InDesign Document reference
  • Short blurb about each project
  • To be displayed by the work



  • #WSA_BA
  • Documenting the set up of the show



  • Barrel of cider?
  • Need to be cleared
  • Saturday needs to be alcohol free and tidy


Take Down

  • On the Saturday?
  • Meeting with Adam and Derek next week to discuss this.









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