Sprint 10



Sprint 10

This was a marketing week, to make sure that the website and promotional videos and business cards were all up to scratch because we GOT INTO NORWICH GAMING FESTIVAL, so everything has to be working and looking good for then.


A New Website

The website was re-designed again with new funky functionality, such as the animated scroll effect. It has kept much of the same information just with better pictures, videos and more colour! I also learned how to deploy a website using npm-gulp which compresses javascript, css and images, as long as you know how to script the functions you need to tell it to do this. I now have a smaller minified and uglified version of the code that I store on AWS (amazon web service).


Marketing Material

I did a bit of typography for the Poster Information and added the right font to the business cards, we also ordered stickers! These arrived in time for the Women In Games Award which Claudia and I attended and networked with loads of people!



There is now sound! I bought a royalty free track from Pond5 to use for in-game music, and for the promotional trailer. There is also a warning beep which is beautifully annoying and makes everyone panic.


A Little Dev Work

I also tweaked the uni and a couple of in-game things to tidy things up and make everything work super properly, such as GameStats which now hold, you guessed it, player information such as who died! This involved a slightly new type of coding as I needed the information to be persistent. This also helped me start getting my head around the menu systems.



A productive marketing heavy sprint with a little bit of dev to make sure everything is nice and tidy for the festival we are now attending!

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