Sprint 9


Sprint 9

This was the big week to find out if the game was fun – and working. I designed levels/environment and also started to play with the level difficulty settings using the variables I had coded into the game. We gathered loads of video and sound footage to use for promotional material later as well as advice on what could be changed and made better. We discovered a couple of game play quirks, but no major bugs and a few tweaks to UI and menu screens.

Testing and Filming

We hired out lighting, microphones, 2 sets of cameras with a range of fixed lenses and set the studio and a friends house up like a film set to get some great footage of people playing our game. We recorded over 4 hours of sound footage and about 2 hours of video footage of people playing. We tested it on 5 different groups of people, around 18 different students and friends (+ Adam).

Designing Levels

The game played really well and the way I had written the variables made it super easy to change the difficulty of levels during a play session. I was also able to document in spreadsheet the variables I had changed. Changing variables was done by watching peoples reaching to how much fun they were having and weather they wanted a challenge or if it was too hard. I could do this by changing the variables found in the statistics spread sheet.

GamePlay Teaser

We wanted to apply for the Norwich Game Festival and in order to do so we needed a video of the gameplay. I quickly put together a teaser trailer for Hurry Hurry Heal Me on the Friday.


The game worked great and people enjoyed it – what is there to do next?

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