Variables I can change


  • MaxHealth
    • The starting health of a player
  • HealingPower
    • How much a player is healed when a colour is released



  • AttackDealy
    • How often the Hamsa’s attack the enemy
  • StartAttackValue
    • How much damage the Hamsa does to the enemy
  • HamsaMaxHealth
    • How much health the Hamsa has to start with



  • MaxEnemyHealth
    • The starting health of the enemy



  • PulseDelay
    • How often the enemy attacks
  • PulseAttackValue
    • How much damage the enemy does to the players and Hamsa’s

Types of Variables

Delay Variables

  • Hamsa Attack
  • Enemy¬†Attack (Pulse)

Damage Variables

  • Damage to the enemy (Hamsa StartAttackValue)
  • Damage to the players (PulseAttackValue)

Healing Variables

  • Healing Power of the players
  • Healing Power of the Hamsas

Starting Health Variables

  • Player
  • Hamsa
  • Enemy


Working with timed variables


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