Sprint 8



Sprint 8

This is the final sprint before we go on holiday for 2 weeks! So quite a bit to do! I managed to finish the coding! Or at least get it into a state where I can start making levels, which is pretty exciting. This meant re-writing all the functions again. The only thing missing from the game is some ui to tell you what is happening and you cannot colour mix atm, but that is slightly more complicated! I am feeling much better about the coding and I learned a few new skills, such as what a delegator is!


Final Image to use as a hero image in the catalogue. Lots of photoshop, lots of photography studios and some rendering of 3d models with proper lighting. It all comes together to make a collage of images.


It has been a very productive week, with lots of code and testing happening. I should be in a good place to start designing levels after the easter holidays.


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