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Rendering the Maya Model

Getting the lighting right.



These are the best images from the photoshoot


Other Images I needed


Putting them together in Photoshop


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FMP NAME: Hurry Hurry Heal Me


PROJECT INSTAGRAM : @hurryhurryhealme



Hurry Hurry Heal Me is a 4-player, local cooperative game with the aim of publishing for the Nintendo Switch. Hurry Hurry Heal Me flips the traditional shoot ‘em up on its head by using healing as it’s main mechanic. This “Heal ‘em up” encourages players to use teamwork and communication, as they have to coordinate their positions, timings and tasks as a team in order to succeed. The game aims to induce stress through the concept of no control, with players relying on their team mates to survive.

As an all female designing and development duo, Bobbie and Claudia have worked very closely together to produce the game. They have managed the project themselves through weekly Scrum meetings and the creation of a kanban wall, ensuring that they have met deadlines and organised their time efficiently.

Claudia was the brainchild of the game, forming the idea after extensive research and iteration. During the development she has overcome many challenges when teaching herself animation and modelling. Claudia’s character design and animations, have added a colourful flare to the project, using Moroccan imagery as an inspiration.

Bobbie has been key to the development stage within her role as chief coder and level designer. She has learned c# programming for the project and has familiarized herself with all aspects of unity. In order to keep her sane from all the programming, she has designed some of the patterns and textures, found in the game, using geometry.
The team are hoping to publish the game on the Nintendo Switch, the next party game that you can use to stress out your friends!


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