Sprint 7


Sprint 7

I really needed to get back into coding this week after having a few weeks of to do other things and mull over the coding. It is now time for a fresh start and some beautiful code! I had a big meeting with James, Adam and Claudia to help work out exactly how the code should be structures. Which bits of functionality sit with different gameObjects and how managers work. I am starting to feel much more confident that I know what I am doing, after having 2 weeks of uncertainty.

JoyCon Controllers

The nintendo controllers arrived and I manage to get them working with our game! I worked out how to map the buttons and it was very easy to get the whole thing working. They just work through the bluetooth settings and talk directly to unity! Easy peasy. I also posted my findings on a couple of well know Unity forums.

The Code

I deleted everything… and I am starting again. This time I shall name things sensibly and try and limit the amount of lines something takes! I have my old version to refer to and a version one of my tutors made. So hopefully I can start writing some beautiful code again!


Claudia and I went to EGX rezzzed and spoke to some indie developers, particularly those working with nintendo, for a switch release. It was a really good day and we learned loads of useful things! At the end of the day we popped into King to learn more about a new game engine they are making called Defold.

Composition of Posters

For the end of this week we need promotional material for the end of year catalogue, this meant words about us, our project and a couple of photos. I started mocking up some images, ready to be finished of next week.

Mind The Film

We also started thinking about getting more video footage for Mind The Film who will be helping us to make promotional material for our project.


I didn’t get any more coding done, but I did do some other interesting projects.

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