Claudia and I took a day tip to Rezzed in London, and Indie Games festival/exhibition. We were able to talk to a lot of indie developers and some publishers. There was a talk on developing for the nintendo switch which was interesting.


We talked to Phil and Oli, the developers of Overcooked about how they worked, and how they now have their game on the nintendo switch. They talked about how game publishers were responsible for getting the game to market. Also, how testing is important. Also there is a guy called Ed who works for Nintendo.

Norwich Game Festival

Is a free games festival… in Norwich. That would be good to test the game on loads of people.

Flipping Death

We spoke to Kevin, who is the producer of Flipping Death (soon to be released on the Nintendo switch). He was really interested in the work we were doing and said he could look over it for us.

Developing for the Nintendo Switch

Was a pannel with: Overcooked, Flipping Death, Steam World Dig 2 and Dangerous Kitchen. Which are a series of indie games to be released on the Nintendo Switch. They all talked about how they contacted Nintendo to release their games on their platform and how Nintendo was looking for more indie games to release; with a particular interest in local multiplayer. All the developers worked in Unity (or custom built game engines) and they said this worked well with putting the game onto the switch.

Curve Digital

We spoke to a product manager from Curve Digital. Curve Digital is a games publisher company. They were very interested in looking at what we were working on, and gave us details of who to contact. It would be good to invite some publishers to the game expo.

Sumo Digital

We played Snake Pass which is made by Sumo Digital and talked to one of the designers. They talked through how the studio worked and that they do hire graduates.

Special Effects

Is a charity that makes bespoke controllers for people who cannot use a standard controllers, making games accessible for everyone.




Follow up Emails

Have been sent to :

  • Curve Digital
  • GhostTownGames
  • Zoink

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