Mind the Film

Mind The Film

  • Based in: Somerset House
  • Somerset House has a space for start up, arty people


Our Role with Mind the Film

  • Work as part of a collaborative with the film company to make a narrative out of the work we are doing.
  • How to create a showcase of our work.



  • What is my unique selling points
  • Reflecting on what we have learned.
  • Reflecting on the creative process.
  • How to present all the features of a product
  • Testimonials are a good way to get people to say how cool the game is.


The Process

  • National Geographic vs Mario Destino
  • 2mins vs weeks of work
  • Photograph something which already exists or photograph something which is to be created
  • Take a lot of footage and make something from it – or to story board and design the film


Styles of Videos

  •  Interviews
  • Show and Tell
  • Testimonials


What message do want to tell?

  • Have a problem to solve – creates a connection
  • Empathy – connecting with the people behind the product
  • Creating empathy through – physical play together
  • Finding your own truth – why you do what you do – your own voice
  • Using technology to share experiences together.



  • Netflix – Abstract (The art of game design)



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