Code Review

James had mostly finished the code so a meeting was arranged between me, Claudia, James and Adam to work together to understand what code had been written and what more needed to be done. We spent a good 3 hours discussing and dissecting the structure of the code and how it could be re-written by me so that it did exactly what I wanted it to do. As there had been a few communication issues with James around some of the mechanics which meant his version had  some interesting quirks.

By the end of the meeting I had a list of functions to write, the purpose and how the would interact with other functions. Which function would hold public variables and which would be private and how to limit the duplication of code. This was super useful as I now could understand how to structure the code in order to go away and write my own version.

I also now have 2 versions of the code to use as a template – by original and James code. So re-writing everything from scratch should be much quicker as a lot of it could be copying and pasting!

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