Sprint 6



Sprint 6

I hand reflective journal in on Monday!! So this has been a quick, write a load of words week, rather than a make a game week! A couple of visiting guest came in and talked about the games industry as well as how to set up our own company.

I only gave myself a few things to do coding wise, the same as the week before.

Nintendo Switch

I researched into if it was possible to use the nintendo switches joy-con controllers as our joysticks. It looks possible! Maybe Adam can buy us some!

Sound Design

A load of musicians came in and spoke to us about music in games. Sound Designers and Composers are two different roles! Who knew! They gave us lots of good advice on what to look for and how to compose different types of game tracks, loops or songs.


The project has taken a side step, I was more interested in the Nintendo controllers than with the coding of mechanics. James has taken over the code temporally in order to help me understand the logic behind a couple of the functions. Also spent a lot of time with my reflective journal, writing about Candy Crush!


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