James Code

James is still writing up the code for Hurry Hurry Heal Me. I have spoken to him twice this week about how the game should work and the different variables and mechanics. He started the coding my focusing on the healing mechanic using a ‘lock on’ method to attach yourself to the player you wanted to heal. This isn’t quite what I had explained should happen but it does make it easier for James to code.

There were a couple other cases in the mechanics which were slightly different to those I had explained and written out for him but other things were coming together as well. I’m finding the process hard as there are a lot of mechanics I had already written and that they worked and James is re-writing almost exactly the work I had done. This is good because it means my coding was pretty solid, but I’m not really learning anything new from these meetings and I don’t have access yet to the code James has been writing to start developing it in my own way.

I shall give it another week to see how James has been writing the code, but I will need to take ownership of it again at some point in order to make the changes I need to, so that level design is going to be simple.

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