Sprint 5



Sprint 5

This was a hard week as our reflective journal is in soon! I was trying to balance writing and researching with creating the code. The code is starting to get more complicated as the healing mechanics are not straight forwards.

Designing Colour

I spent a large portion of this week trying writing code on paper. The colour mechanics are really tricky to understand the logic behind, so I spent a good amount of time drawing out how these functions behave. It seems much more complicated than originally thought, and it might mean re-writing a lot of code. Or restructuring what I am doing, making it more object orientated?

String vs Array

I store lots of colours and need to keep checking if they can be used or not, so I did some research into the best way to store these colours. The two main types that came up were strings and arrays. This is something I don’t really understand so spent some time learning the terminology.


Coding has ground to a halt as I have to learn a load of sophisticated coding techniques that I am unfamiliar with. I spoke to James to give me a hand and he has gone away and started writing up his own version of the code. So I will talk to him a bit later to see how it has been going.

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