Chris Buckingham

Entrepreneurship & Crowd Funding


Story of Chris

  • Txt Stage – Master Project
  • 2008 / 2009
  • Started Minivation
  • First book – Crowd Funding Intelligence
  • Crowded comments
    • Looking at questions generated by the crowd
  • Crowd Funding Readiness Assessment
    • Creating a framework for crowd funding


Good Books


Crowd Funding

  • Types of funding:
    • Donation
      • Philotherianism
      • Fan Funding
    • Reward
      • Kickstarter
    • Equity
      • Share sale
    • Interest
    • Mixed
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Game Projects
    • Starts with rational interest
    • Then ends with irrational interest (people jumping on the band wagon)
  • The dark side of crowdfunding
    • Fraudulent activity
    • People pretending to make products
  • Terminology of Business Investors
    • What marketing research have you done
    • Understanding money and investment
  • The relationship of the crowd with your game
    • Changes over time
    • People have different motivations
  • Access and Inclusion
    • People want to be involved in some level
    • People can join a project just to get updates (that what is what they are paying for)
  • Business model
    • Has to be flexible
    • But when presenting to the crowd it needs to be fixed.

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