Seth – Academic Writing

Where to look for Research:

  • Gamasutra
  • Youtube
  • Ted Talks
  • Delphis
  • Google
  • Google Scholar
  • Blogs
  • Library
  • Twitter



  • Games in Culture
  • Game Studies
  • Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds


New media Journals

  • Convergency
  • New Media and Society





  • Christopher ferguson
    • Phycologist who debunks game claims.


Tips on writing

Start with a general source to get an idea of what to write on, and then look at academic sources to back the general ideas.

Highlight interesting quotes while you are reading and makes notes as you go along.

It is OK to write objectively in a creative academic piece. The most entertaining critics can write with very colourful language, but a good writer will include criticism with reasoning behind it.

Academic writing explain what you are doing and back it up. Clearly defined research questions. Go into what it looks like, how it plays, the critical timing. You can use personal experience to talk about the texture of play rather than broader comments about society.

Academic writing makes sure that ideas and points are backed up. Journalist writing is less strict with backing up claims.

Try not to copy over sentences and self-plagiarism.

Writing can be done in a sober way for the academic piece and with more colour (subjective / emotive tones) for the journalistic piece.

Case studies are a good way to get into an essay.


Styles of Journalistic Writing

  • Reviews
  • Opinion
  • Editorial approach
  • Weekly column
  • Interview
  • Click bait
  • Reports
    • Information about Events
  • Ted Talks


Essay Structure

  1. Anecdote of candy crush
  2. Question on ethics
  3. business models.
  4. Manipulative micro payments
  5. Personal Experience again
  6. How this can be a positive experience
  7. Summary of ethical experience.


Calibrated to manipulated your time. How does the timing work emotionally.

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