Sprint 4


Scrum 4

I was able to get a good portion of the coding done last week, enough for the game to start looking like it is playable. Now all that is left is to tidy up the code to make it easier to start working on the healing and colour mechanics. Claudia’s models were coming along nicely but taking twice as long as originally thought. We might only be able to have 1 polished character, but that is better than 4 half made ones, and there is still plenty of time to get things done. Once the coding has been finished I should be able to help out with modelling and other arty things.

The Unity Code

A lot of code has happened this week, although the majority of it isn’t particularly visible. I had to restructure how a lot of functions interacted in order to keep the variables manageable. If I had planned the code from the beginning this would not have been an issue, but I have little experience with Unity so I needed to first get an understanding of how it all works.

The main code changes are in the playerInformation files, where all the values for the players are kept – allowing me to change 1 value and then for all the characters to move faster. Scripts are now kept in relevant folders and talk to each other – mainly passing down the key variables from the playerInformation files. This should hopefully make testing and de-bugging much simpler.

I also started separating out the colour scripts. The 6 colours are stored as a vector4 and then labeled as words to help make it human readable. This means that  if we wanted to change the colour red to slightly more pinky – it is one change, and then all the UI, characters and floors change in one go! This colour management script also starts to form the base for the healing mechanics and the more hardcore gaming stuff!


My final task of the week was to get a model with animation into Unity from Maya. This involved lots of different elements, as the animator needed to talk to the model and the scripts. But it all worked out fine and wasn’t to complicated! As I have now done this once, it should hopefully be easier to do this again!


It was a very productive week and the game is starting to come together!

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