Maya / Unity Animation

Claudia has created a model in Maya and has animated it…


Now to put it into Unity


First you need Maya

You do not need to use maya – it will just run in the background while you import the assets.

Import the Asset

Import Asset – you want the .mb file


This could take a while to import but when you are done,  you will have your model.


You can check that the animations have been imported correctly as well.


Attaching the model to the rest of the player

I just dragged the model onto the Model1 component of player 1


You are now given an animator controller. You can link the Avatar to the model you are using.


Working on the Animation

You need to create an Animator Controller, I have called mine walking.



In the animation window, you can create a walk box


In the inspector you can link it to the animation that were imported with the model.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.22.51.png


Back to the Player Character

You can now attach the controller in the animator part of the player component/


Finally a little bit of script

I want to only make the player animate when they are actually moving.

I do this through the update function where I check if the player is moving and then enable/disable the animation.



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