Setting up a Lobby

I wanted a really simple Lobby Scene where players could press a button and it would register on the screen. When all the controllers had been pressed then the game would start.

Creating a new scene

…and calling it Lobby

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.55.20.png

Creating UI elements

I created a Canvas, and will put 4 coloured box’s with text in them on the screen.


On the box I added a little script called Press To Start



Press To Start Script

When the script is done it looks like this in unity.

  • It has a yes/no to say if it’s good to start (Start)
  • Which UI text the script is linked to (UiText)
  • Which button it is checking for (buttonName)
  • Which player is attached to that controller (playerName)


This script uses the UnityEngine.UI – so that needs to be delcared

I have talked through the other variables above:

  • start
  • uiText
  • buttonName
  • playerName


And then I check if there has been an input and then display this through the UI.



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