Sprint 3


Scrum 3

This was a very quick Monday morning meeting where we just decided to continue doing what we had been doing last week. Nothing new to report nothing new to add – time to just get it done.

We also started the Instagram / Twitter competition where we counted up our followers and awarded prizes (in the form of stickers) to each other – Claudia won this week!


Claudia made a playlist of some reference music that would be good in the game. I made added this playlist to our YouTube Channel and started adding in this music to any screen recording videos I or Claudia have done.

We also had a meeting with one of Adams friends who works at a Farsi TV channel who could put us in contact with some musicians or producers who might like to work with us on this project. I think we shall wait until the game is a bit more defined before talking with someone about what we are looking for.


This was a big week for code. You can check out the Made in Unity Youtube playlist (the first 4 video are this week). The game now has character movement (walk, run, jump) multiplayer and some camera functions (mini map, zoom). I now have 4 controllers permanently connected to my laptop which have all been properly configured to work. I am using 2 xBox 360 controllers, 1 PS4 and 1 xBox 1 controller in case we decide to go with on particular console the controllers have already been set up.

Bits of Research

There was a cozy couch co-op bundle being sold on steam this week, which was interesting as it shows that our game / genre is in fashion at the moment.

We also refined the style guide for our marketing efforts.

Adam did a podcast with us this week to allow us to talk through the game and why we are making it. Check out the link in Medium.

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