The Gaming Industry:

Snapshotting Key Issues

Carleigh Morgan – Kings Colledge London

Research Interests

  1. How the human body interacts with machines.
  2. Industry Links:
    • Any Key: promotes diversity for eSports
    • ukie: UK Interactive Entertainment
    • British eSports association: started a year ago
    • Women in Games: encouraging women in games
    • EPN: slack group of 800 entrepreneurs

The Gaming Body

The body of the Gamer, can be thought of in 3 different ways:

  1. Affective attunement
  2. Psychological investment
  3. The magic circle
    • The magic circle could be an old fashioned way of thinking of the process of gaming, as technology advances.

How can you use the body during play?

  • Human actions are key to computer games
  • Movement that is turned into inputs
    • Keyboards
  • Teil Teller (researchers)
    •  Looks at how you connect with a technological device properly
    • Shuffling the mouse
    • Warming up their avatar and their physical body
  • Human Computer Interaction studies.
    • How a computer imposes action on a human
    • How this is an interaction that has been blended together

  • Integrating humans and computer
    • Video games are a combination of humans and technology
    • In Game-space humans are a series of directional instructions
    • Can the body be a canvas of the game
  • Customisable hardware
  • Sport physio are now used in eSports
    • Correct postures
    • Having an awareness of the body in game play
  • CloudGate studio full body awareness
    • Orientating himself in the space
    • Shadows
    • Moving feet and hands
  • The body can be a complete way of navigating game space
    • Rather than a limit the way it interacts with the game space
    • More than just a screen
  • Body orientated games
    • Social Interventions
      • Eye-Tracking to help autistic childeren to adapt in social situation
    • Surgical Training
    • Physical Therapy
    • Mental Health
      • VR psyththoeray
    • Health Apps
  • AR, VR, Hyper reality: unbouding game space
    • Watch this video
    • Changes the way we view reality


Discrimination within the gaming industry

Current debate on discrimination within professional gaming

  • GamerGate and Girl Gamers
    • Saying that girls are not gamers
    • or that it is a remarkable fact girls play games
  • Serious /  Casual Gamer
    • Casual Gamers can be seen in a derogatory way
    • As you are not allowed into the hardcore team / group unless you are a serious gamer
  • Womens representation in eSports
    • Is not equal to mens
    • People assume that by not seeing a demographics in the pro gaming competition is a justification that they are not able to get their.
    • There is no research into how gender effects your skill as an eSports player
  • How can we leverage the educational power of gams to combat discrimination
    • Performancee-tising social issues.
    • Creating a 3D canvas


Designing radical games

The grammar of action and the logic of play. Subverting game mechanics.

What is radical?

  • A games that are not afraid to look at controversial topic
  • Mollindustria

Agrippa (A Book of the Dead)

  • Play through a hyper-text game
  • And then destroys the disk so that you cannot play it again (encrypts the disk)

Visual Vs Code

  • The contradiction of the visual and code
  • Glitches
  • Counter games
  • Work against user expectation
  • Force code to work against the graphics
  • Interpreting the code and learning the system.
  • Making a level unbeatable by 1 pixel
  • Design a game to be broken


Community Management

What is the social responsibility of the platform (twitch/facebook) to block abusive content?

  • Meme-matic warfare
    • Centralised memes
    • Used to create right wing propoganda
    • Discord
  • Emergent uses of websites / platforms


Cybersweatshops, precarious labour

mechanicalturk (1).jpg

The Discussion

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