Sprint 2


Scrum 2

The big Sprint talk! We managed to create a Timeline of what we are going to be doing with milestones for the next 16 weeks! I also created a google calendar to show this publicly if people were interested in following our development.

The Branding Effort

We look at Da Font for typograpy (encouraged by our talk with Derrick) with looked at fonts we could use, focusing on geometric and arabic script as the key features.

As a course we went on a research trip to London to look at the Design Museum. This was really interesting as it was full of current design practices.

As part of the outward face-ing development blog I wrote a short tutorial or overview of how I designed and developed the website.

Unity Lessons

As my task was to do some of the coding this sprint I thought I would re-familiarise myself with Unity, going through one of the easier tutorials.

Feedback from Adam

At the end of the week we talked with Adam to discuss how these meetings were going to work, agreeing that he would act as the Product Owner and help steer the ship slightly at the end of each week. We also talked a lot about branding and how a Style Guid is needed. And Music.

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