Soletrader or Partnership


    • Register here
  • Soletrader company name is just you
    • All the responsibility is on you
    • Not on the company
  • Partnership means more than one person can
  • Do not need to be VAT registered if you are not making lots of money
  • Submit VAT report in January
    • For Tax Return April to April year before
  • Track expenses and income
  • Recommend set up a separate bank account
    • But you do not need to
  • FreeAgent tracks your business things through your bank account
  • Generate invoices
  • Claim some rent as expenses if you work from home
  • Get accountant before January



  • Saying what you will and will not do
  • Make sure I set this up
  • Follow everything up with emails
    • Put actions in emails
  • Invoice time 1 week
    • Do not need 30 days
  • Recurring payments through PayPal





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