Design Museum

London Trip to look at:



Beazley Designs of the Year



I liked the projects that looked at making the world a better place:

  • The drinkable book
    • Making clean water accessible in an easy to transport and use form
  • On demand knitted jumpers
    • Reducing waste in making customised jumpers
  • Dear Data
    • Looking at our relationship with numbers
  • Hello Ruby
    • A Children’s coding book
  • We listen
    • Mental health campaign by the Samaritans




Exhibition: New Old

Looks at how we have an ageing population.


There were a couple of interesting pieces that started me thinking of the design problems around an ageing population, the things that stood out:

  • 3D Info Graphics
  • Poster Infographics
    • That showed, distanced traveled and loneliness for people 50+
  • Mobility Clothing
    • That can help keep older people mobile




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