Sprint 1


Joining Claudia’s Team

I decided that this semester I wanted to make a game rather than continue developing my learning framework, POWS. I spent a lot of time with Claudia last semester talk through our ideas so I knew what her project was about and found it really exciting. I spoke to her on Monday to see if there was space in the project for me to join, and she said yes! Oh, how romantic! Anyway, we then set about working out what the scope of the project entailed and what roles there could be within the team.

We decided to write all this down on a whiteboard, labelling all the different aspect of the game that needed to be made and all the supporting material around it etc. marketing, testing, branding. Creating a post-it note Kanban board. This process was really useful as it put the two of us on the same page and created a unified vision of what we had to to and how we were going to reach out goal of a fully playable game!

The next step was deciding a name for the game, previously known as Chroma. We set about research different words related to: stress, colour and Morocco. But it wasn’t until we started watching game play footage of people playing Overcooked and listening to what they were shouting to each other than we found the name Hurry Hurry Heal Me. This name seemed to encapsulate the feelings we wanted to people to shout as they played the game.

Set up

It was now time to created all the necessary documentation and systems needed for this semester and for the team to work. I created a WordPress site using AWS as it allowed me to use plug-ins and the possibility of more flexibility in the design of the WordPress site. Although by the end of the week I had migrated back to a ‘normal’ wordpress.com as I was not making use of the plugins for the cost I was paying for having a hosted instance on AWS. Even through I had lost the flexibility of designing my WordPress, this would have been a lot of work and I have other things to work on.

Next was researching into a collaborative Unity environment, I looked at perforce but the documentation suggested that we needed our own server – which we don’t have! I needed another solution that was free and simple. With a bit of research there seemed to be a way of setting up a bitbucket account and using that store all the shared code. To make the process simpler for Claudia there was a GUI for the git commands called Source Tree. This seemed like the perfect solution! I then spent the next morning setting up this environment with Claudia and going through how SourceTree worked with: Commit, Push, Pull and Branches. This took a while for us to get our heads around, but it seems we are off to a good start.

Social Media

We wanted to try a small social media campaign so we set up the relevant accounts and researched into the best tags and times to use these services. I set up Twitter and will be using TwitterDeck to manage my posting. Claudia is looking after the Instagram account. We also have a Pintrest and Youtube channel but these will be uploaded to much less regularly. It was recommend to have a facebook page, but neither of us have found Facebook to be a  good platform and preferred to put our efforts into Twitter and Instagram as we had more experience with these sites.

We are having a social media competition of who can get the most followers on our respective platforms!

We also needed a landing page and development blog as an outward facing marketing effort. I did a quick sketch of what the landing page would look like for different sized browsers: iphone, ipad, medium sized browsers and a larger browser size. This is in order to make the website responsive. We bought a domain name and now need to get it online and hosted!

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