Reflective Journal

2’500 word critical reflection around the research proposition and project that you identified for your Final Major Project.

Along side this should be a 1’500 word journalistic style pieces of critical writing on a subject of games debate or consideration.

Longer Piece (2’500)

  • Relates to the process of creating the game
  • Reflective account of my learning experiences
  • An area that helps inform my FMP
  • Illustrative
  • Style of writing academic
  • Reflective Conclusion
  • Look at the context around the game I’m making
    • e.g. history of multiplayer games

Shorter Piece (1’500)

  • Can be on an area of interest.
    • Gamification
    • Education
  • Style of writing is journalistic
    • Find some interesting articles
  • For the degree show publication
    • Critical writing
  • More than an observation it’s a critic
  • Leave it open

Harvard Reference

  • 13 references ish, split between the two written pieces.

As long as you have a total of 4’000 words, then the weighting between these two pieces doesn’t matter to much.

Journals / Magazines

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